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Our History

Summary of Our History

Established in December 2017, our team knew there was a need for better communication and auditing in the automotive environment. Based on our personal experiences and seeing everyday personal drivers struggle to manage their cars, we knew we needed to do something… so we got to work!

VechFlow is an all-in-one automotive platform that helps the average person maintain their vehicle with ease and efficiency. Our main purpose is to provide a one-stop-shop that customers can go to manage all their vehicle’s needs. This software allows customers to:

    • schedule rapid appointments
    • communicate with mechanics
    • receive an audit trail with their car’s history, better known as “the car journal”
    • receive notifications regarding your vehicles status
    • rate and review your Merchant
    • chat with Merchants in real time.
    • receive best practice tips right on your dashboard

Taking our platform another step further, we also house Merchant accounts. This allows customers the ability to connect with trustworthy Merchants; and Merchants the ability to be seen in a community of people needing their automotive services.

Additionally, a Merchant account allows you to earn money as a trusted service provider, whether you have your own shop, or you run your service through a garage. A few key features include:

    • manage a full calendar display of driver requests
    • the ability to create your own reputation
    • gain revenue anywhere, anytime.
    • become mobile or stationery
    • chat with customers in real time
    • access to make money when you want to, etc…

Here at Vechflow, we’re solution-based thinkers who streamline the interactions between drivers and mechanics. We began by acknowledging the frustrations and wishes within each every day driver, and we built an application based on those thoughts.


“By doing this, we solve challenges and open up countless opportunities for the automotive community”